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   Triad Temple


Welcome to the Triad Temple

It is not our job to tell anyone how they have to do anything but to give them the alternatives of what can be done. There will be links with others to present their ideas and examples of what can and has been done. We will have a chat room where there can be a viewing of our separate ideas. There is to be no flaming but to give everyone an equal area to voice their opinion, if it doesn't curtail someone else s voice.
We will try to establish a website where a witch or Wiccan can call home. There will be a recipe section for the cook in all of us, a spell section, a do-it-yourself (if you would rather do it yourself to save money), a newsletter; composed from different covens and solitary writers, also a sounding board- to voice your opinions, and a section for our teenage coveners, and a blog of our poems and art. It will be divided into four sections and each section will be hyperlinked as they become active.
1) For the general seekers- just looking for information and may or may not be interested in getting involved. This is usually the first place that is visited by the public to find out what all the excitement is about. There are references to our other site to give a general idea of our teachings.
If you want to get information about Wicca and the Craft visit the Cottage of the Crone. it is setup for both new and old seekers.


2) The members of the Wiccan community who want to learn the Correllian Nativist Tradition- for those who are interested in really learning the Craft and will be going on to become initiated into Wicca. Through here we will give links to different sites for a multiple of Wiccan/pagan traditions.


For anyone interested in the craft as a religion, as a serious practitioner not as a New Ager. We will have online classes and set up a chat room. There will be an online newspaper, a sign in book, advice column, a public library, and a new media section and possibly a chat room setup.


3)   The Sister/Brotherhood of the Inner Light©- for those who want to honor the Goddess Brigit,  the goddess of healing and craftsmen.; it is a sincere operating group connected world wide. Open to all for visitation if you cannot setup your own.


For ordained members of Correllian Wicca only we will have legal information section, a library, a Books of Shadows, serious spells section, case histories, photo section of members, notice of responsibilities involved in the Inner Circle. There will be a section on Ceremonial workings, a chat room setup and a Chaplains' Handbook.
This is a division of the Triad Seminary for Wiccan Clergy.
We are not going to say that these are the one and only answer but will say that we are giving you a place that give you what we believe and what our opinion is. Any statements sent to us will be read with an open mind and passed on- in total. We will give links to other sites.



© Lady Fallon 2005