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Triad Newsletter

This can be used if you have been running a fever for a few days and it won't break. Put 3 tablespoons of powdered Ginger Root in 2 cups of water, bring to a boil for 2-3 minutes. Now run a warm to hot bath and add the ginger and the water. Do not strain it. Sit in the bath for 10 minutes and then wrap yourself up like a mummy in a clean sheet and get under the covers and go to sleep. You will likely wake up soaked, but this is the fever breaking.
Attention Pet Lovers - We have an interesting statistic to share with you. We monitor the hit counts that we get to our different Internet pages and last month the number one page was PETS.  
It is important that you think natural for your pets. I had a customer call in with a small dog who was licking it's feet raw. It had been taken to several vets and had all the allopathic treatments. Nothing helped. I listened carefully to the story and asked the lady if the dog always had done this. She said no, it had started a few months back. I asked her if she had changed the carpets in the house or treated the yard. Bingo! They had treated the yard with very strong chemicals. This was the cause of the dog's feet problem. You must think about these things, as the chemical poisons are even worse for your animals. They are so much smaller, so they get a much stronger dose for their size, and they are more likely to lick and absorb these toxins.

You need GOOD FAT!!!
That's right, many Americans are being brainwashed into giving up all fats, as the "health authorities" lump all fats together and tell you to reduce all fats. This is wrong! Some fats are good for you and essential for a healthy body! Since people have been tested for high cholesterol, we are finding an alarming number that have readings that show the good fats (cholesterol) are way too low and this puts them at the same risk if not higher than the high cholesterol! Not enough good fat in the diet can contribute to imbalanced hormones, skin dryness, poor hair growth, arthritic type conditions as well as a host of others.
Body Builders generally reduce all fat intake because they are trying to get rid of body fat. A recent studies showed a significant correlation between testosterone production and total energy from fat. Since hormones, like testosterone are created from cholesterol, it seems reasonable that a very low fat diet may impair testosterone production. Also numerous studies have been done on the indigenous people in the cold northern climates that live primarily on fish and oils - large consumptions of whale blubber, etc. These people were found to be virtually cancer and arthritis free and and for the most part are disease free altogether. How could that be if all fats simply kill you? Cod liver oil has been used as a cure for arthritis for years!