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rid evil spirits
How to get rid of Evil Spirits
There are several reasons why you may be having problems with unwanted "visitors". Some may not be aware that they have passed over, others are mischievous or just curious. What ever the reason, this simple exercise has always worked for me.
First start by raising your own personal vibration, either by filling yourself with white light, or drawing a circle, whichever way works best for you. Visualize your connection to the divine source, and keep a strong current flowing. Light a candle or hold a crystal, whatever helps you to focus on the connection. You may want to ask for assistance from your spirit guides, an archangel, or the god/dess of your choice. You may want to simply ask any highly evolved loving being that has your best interest as well as the best interest of the unwanted "visitor" in mind to help.
Once you feel that your connection is complete, and have the necessary assitance from whichever entity you chose, speak very cleary, or direct your thoughts in a very precise method to the entity that is bothering you. In a firm and commanding tone, tell this entity that you will not accept its presence, this is not the place where it belongs, and it has to move on. At this point, I visualize another connection line forming and enveloping the entity in question. Tell this entity that you have opened a channel or connection to the source for it to follow home and it should follow this. Now would be the time to ask for the assistance of your chosen guide to lead this entity on its way, take it home, keep them safe, and bring them to the place of healing. You should be able to tell when this entity has departed. Sometimes it is a physical feeling, maybe a chill or sudden goosebumps, or maybe just a sense of relief, and nothing more.
When this entity has departed, make sure to offer your appreciation to all who have assisted. Using a smudge of sage afterwards can be helpful to completely cleanse the area. A bath in salt water to further cleanse/purify will help to center yourself and leave you feeling refreshed.
If the entity in question feels like more than you're capable of handling alone, talk to someone of any faith that is in a position to help, like a preacher or priestess. Regardless of faith they are normally trained in this, or can direct you to someone that is.
Adding to the spirit question... I've had to eject spirits that wouldn't go one their merry way. I first raise my energy and ask for assistance (if needed) as was mentioned above, while purifying incense is burning. After I have established my connection and filled my space with the smoke of the incense (kind of like smudging) if I still feel the entity I move on. Sometimes, the beginnings of this process is enough to make the stubborn ones that wouldn't leave when I asked to finally leave. I focus strongly on my energies, I make them grow to enclose me in a tight envelope, just around my body. Then I make the pocket of energy grow. I make it grow until it fills the room, I can usually feel it "pushing" the entity, as it can't reside within my energy. You may think of it as "herding" the entity with your energy if it helps the visualization. Then I concentrate the energy to one area of the home at a time, until all rooms are full of this energy. Usually I can actually feel the entity being ejected as the energies raised fill the last room or space. To me it feels like a sudden shudder or chill. Then I see the energy envelope encompass my home and sealing my home against unwelcome visitors. It may leave before I complete the exercise, but I still always finish and seal my home. After, I ground and release, and thank anything/one for assistance offered to me during this time. I periodically reseal my home to strenghthen the seal.
This information has been provided by Selena and Nicole, do not publish it on another website without getting permission first.