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Correllian Tradition

What is in the correllian School?

Traditionally it takes a minimum of a year and a day to achieve a Wiccan degree. Sometimes it takes much longer. These lessons have been formulated with this dictum in mind. Twelve lessons following a month apart require at least a year to complete. This allows the student plenty of time to digest the information, which is quite wide-ranging in nature. A brief outline of the 12 lessons is as follows;

0 )Introduction(You are here.)
1) Magic. The first lesson is about magic; what it is, what it is not, and how to use it.
2) Cosmology.This lesson talks about the nature of Deity, Universal energy, and the soul.
3) Personal power, This lesson explains the Psychic Tide, the Wheel of the Year, and what these have to do with you.
4) The Altar. This lesson talks about the altar; how and why to build and use your own.
5) The Airts. This lesson tells about the Four Quarters, the elements, and all of their magical associations
6) The Circle of Art. This lesson talks about the nature of ritual and it's uses.
7) Invokation. This lesson talks about the nature of 'The Gods' and how to interact with them, and identify or choose your own special patron.
8) Garb. This lesson is about magical tools and clothing.
9) Symbols and omens.This lesson, as you might imagine, is about how to interpret symbols and omens.
10) Basic energy work - auras. This lesson is about working with the spiritual energy of the body, and of living things.
11) Oils and incense. This lesson is about the history, nature, and uses of oils and incense.
12) Basic herbalism. The final lesson introduces you to the rich world of herbalism.

Each lesson will have several parts;
a)The Lesson itself
b)Exercises -to develop your psychic and magical skills.
c)God of the month -to acquaint you with Wiccan ideas of Deity and some of Deities many forms
d)Spell of the month -to help you learn a variety of useful magical techniques and rituals.
e)Glossary -to explain terms which may be unfamiliar. (On the Website it is a seperate section)
f)Questions -to make sure you understand. WHO WE ARE!


Holy City Temple is a member temple of the Correllian Tradition. The temple also has connections to both the Universal Life Church and the Fellowship of Isis. Holy City Temple was opened in 1591 pisces(1991 AD). At that time it was called the Church of Gaia. The Church of Gaia was a public temple holding regular rituals, discussion groups, classes, and public events. The Church of Gaia became a closed-court temple for several years in the mid-nineties, holding events for members only. In late 1596(1996 AD) the temple took the new name Holy City Temple and began moving toward being an open-court temple again. Holy City Temple officially re-opened its doors as a public temple on Candlemas of 1597(1997 AD) with a ritual led by Priestess Traci Logan-Wood. Today Holy City Temple is again dedicated to holding regular public events and classes, as an open-court temple of the Correllian Tradition.

Rev. Don Lewis is Chief Priest of Holy City Temple. Don has been a Correllian initiate since 1576 (1976 AD) and a Third degree Priest since 1579 (1979 AD). Don is second officer of the Pagan Interfaith Embassy which has sponsored such events as Chicago's Pagan Leadership Conferences, Pagan Unity Night, and Pagan Expo'97. Former host of radio's The Witching Hour, Don was editor of \The Wheel of Hekate' 87-'89) and now of The Round Table Magazine . Don has authored, co-authored, or illustrated many books and pamplets including The Other People and Heathens Idolize School Prayer from Pathfinder Press, the predictions section of Llewellyns Daily Planetary Guide' 96 and '97), and Lady Elizabeth's 5 Mystic Secrets of the Great Pagan Masters which he co-authored with his mother LaVeda Lewis (Lady Elizabeth). Don is joint head of the Correllian Tradition and Chief Priest of the Correll Mother Temple in Danville, as well as Chief Priest of Holy City Temple.
Rev. Traci Logan-Wood is Chief Priestess of Holy City Temple. Traci is a Second Degree Priestess and has been a Correllian initiate since 1591 (1991 AD). Traci has been involved in many public rituals including Ride The Dragon and a series of rituals held at the Avalon. She was co-host of Psychic Chicago Radio and has made many radio and television appearances including Fox Thing In The Morning in April of 1597 (1997 AD).